How to Install Commercial Lighting Fixtures

How to Install Commercial Lighting Fixtures

Installing regular lighting fixtures is not that hard. But when you are going to install lighting fixtures commercially, then you must follow the owner’s requirements and instructions properly so that you don’t make any error while installing commercial lighting fixtures.

To install commercial lighting fixtures, you have to maintain a few steps. So let us talk about how to install commercial lighting fixtures.

Guideline on How to Install Commercial Lighting Fixtures

Installing industrial lighting fixtures is not an easy task. It requires proper planning and much attention to detail. You can not make any errors when you are installing commercial lighting fixtures. You have to organize all the little things very correctly and make sure you don’t break any regulations to complete the projects safely.

Step 1 Planning the project

Check the wiring codes and schedule an inspection

First, you need to check the wiring codes and scheduled inspection times. To install commercial lighting fixtures, it requires several inspections and permits for most residential construction projects.

Just replacing the fixtures doesn’t require proper checks, but if you are going to install whole new installations and replacing new wires, you must inspect the property to complete the project successfully.

To complete a proper inspection, you must schedule the following steps. Such as

  • Temporary service inspection
  • Rough inspection
  • Final inspection

Decide what type of fixtures is best for your project

Nobody wants the same lighting condition everywhere. The lighting conditions for the kitchen will be different from the living room.

Before installing the lighting fixtures, think about for which purpose the room is going to be used.

Try different positions to install the lighting fixtures and determine where and how you will light up the room.

Decide what type of bulb are you going to use

When you are going to look for the best bulbs, you can find many kinds of bulbs. Such as fluorescent, LED, high-pressure sodium and halogen are very common. Each of these bulbs has its unique color tone, so choose the best one for your project.

The color tone expresses as temperature, which is counted as degree kelvin. The warm color tone has a lower temperature, whereas cool color tones have a higher temperature.

  • If you are looking for a relaxing color tone, then you must go for the warm white. This warm white tone will make you feel much comfortable and relax.
  • If you are looking for a work light, then you must go for cool white.

Colour temperature is so important to make a room feel relaxing. So decide the best color tone before installing commercial lighting fixtures.

Voltage and the current requirement for the fixtures

You must keep in mind the voltage and current requirements for the accessories. Because the location can vary the voltages, and you must determine the energy where you will install the lighting fixtures.

Suitable power source

Before installing the commercial lighting fixtures, you must locate an appropriate power source from a nearby outlet or junction box. If you can’t find a suitable power source, you might have to run a new branch from the electrical panel.

Plan the wiring route

You can plan three different ways to design the wiring route, such as the power to switch, the power to fixture and try installing the power and load point at the same switch. These three points, power, source, switch and fixture, need to be connected all together.


Step 2 Installing the Fixture

Cutting the openings for the wiring

To install the fixture first, you need to cut the openings into the ceiling or wall surfaces to make the boxes for the installation. You also need to make sure that the switch box is in proper height.

  • The box needs to be a 4 “octagon box when an attachment is installed on the ceiling. It must be noticed that, even if a small lighting fixture is installed in this case, consider installing a fan-quotation box as a paddle fan may be installed in this case in the future.
  • No box is installed as a cable section in the fixture itself if recessed light fixtures are installed. The holes to be cut are made available by the blueprint that most suppliers have included in the fixture and by drawing around the rough opening of the building.

Install the wiring

After the circuit is determined, cabling from the power source to the switch and the fitting locations shall be extended from the same size.

The incoming wire should be measured according to the fuse or circuit breaker scale if a new circuit is extended from the electrical panel directly.

Wiring should be up to code

You need to make sure that your wiring is up to code. Once installing a new installation, the national electric code specifications for cables must be closely observed.

When picking a wire for the task, make sure that it passes all the requirements. You should be so careful about the code.


The conclusion for this article is so simple. As you can see, installing lighting fixtures is not a big deal.

If you are going to install commercial lighting fixtures, you must be careful about the wire quality, and you need to have a proper inspection. I hope this will help when you install commercial lighting fixtures.

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