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See our textured colors for our outdoor and indoor light fixtures, chandeliers, and pendant lights color finish, color may vary depending on your monitor color calibration setup.

We used the black color as the base color and faux finish with a custom color match to give out lights the unique appeal of an old-world iron finish

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Iron Lighting Colors Aged Metal

Aged Metal Finish

The weathering process on metal, often seen as a rusted appearance, is a fascinating result of environmental interaction. Over time, metal can undergo oxidation when exposed to elements like moisture and oxygen. The initial stages might reveal a slight patina, transforming into a deeper, textured rust hue as time progresses. This natural aging process imparts a weathered character to the metal, displaying unique patterns and shades based on the environmental conditions it encounters. Gradual exposure to moisture, varying temperatures, and other atmospheric elements contribute to the development of this aged metal rust look, creating a captivating visual testament to the passage of time.

Iron Lighting Colors Antique Bronze

Fashioned by the hands of a solitary craftsman, these old-world illuminations embark on a captivating metamorphosis. A ballet of textures ensues as the brush delicately touches the wrought iron contour, and texture on the surface. With a gentle hand, layers of patina hues caress the material, each stroke adding to the intricate opulence and depth of the antique bronze shade. The culmination? A captivating masterpiece, harmonizing the symphony of artistry and meticulous craftsmanship, birthing our extraordinary wrought iron lighting ensemble. It's a creation that not only narrates ancient tales and exudes allure but also stands as a testament to its unmatched uniqueness.

Iron Lighting Colors Antique Copper

Delving into the realm of design finesse, the antique copper faux technique stands as a pinnacle of artistic expression. It's a craft that emulates the allure of antique copper, weaving intricate layers of paint and texture to recreate the rich, weathered patina that time gracefully bestows upon metal. With skilled hands and a keen eye, this technique brings life to surfaces, transforming them into masterpieces reminiscent of aged copper's elegance. Each stroke of paint embodies the depth and character of weathered metal, capturing the essence of history within its simulated antiquity. This faux technique isn't just a mere replication; it's an artful dance between hues and textures, meticulously layered to evoke the timeless sophistication of antique copper. Its versatility adorns diverse surfaces, from furniture to fixtures, imparting a touch of vintage opulence to any space.

Iron Lighting Colors Dark Red

Dark-Red Finish

The artistry of patina red mirrors the enchanting dance of fresh rust taking form. This technique intricately weaves layers of vibrant hues, capturing the essence of nascent rust's allure. Imagine skilled hands coaxing out the vivid patina red, recreating the evolving beauty of metal just touched by time's embrace. This process isn't merely a replication; it's a testament to craftsmanship, blending colors and textures to mimic the natural evolution of rust. Each stroke of color brings forth richness and depth, embodying the allure of a rusting journey just begun. This patina red technique breathes life into surfaces, from decor to fixtures, infusing them with the raw beauty of a rusting process yet to unfold. Its dynamic nature captures attention, offering a glimpse into the captivating allure of an ongoing transformation.

Iron Lighting Colors Oil Rubbed Bronze

Oil-Rubbed Bronze

The oil-rubbed bronze finish is an embodiment of timeless sophistication and artisanal craftsmanship, meticulously applied to evoke a sense of rich heritage and elegance. This finish isn't just a color; it's an artful fusion of deep, earthy tones with subtle metallic highlights that exude warmth and character. Created through a labor-intensive process, skilled artisans apply layers of specialized treatments and techniques to achieve the desired depth and complexity. The finish embraces a spectrum of dark hues, ranging from deep browns and blacks to warm coppery undertones, producing a mesmerizing interplay of colors that add depth and allure to surfaces. What sets this finish apart is its ability to tell a story of age and history. The oil-rubbed bronze finish ages gracefully, developing a distinctive patina over time that enhances its charm and uniqueness. This natural transformation imbues the surface with a lived-in appeal, celebrating the passage of time and the beauty of evolving aesthetics. This finish isn't just visually stunning; it also boasts durability and resilience, making it an ideal choice for various applications, from architectural elements to decorative fixtures. Its ability to blend seamlessly with both traditional and contemporary settings makes it a versatile choice that effortlessly elevates any space it adorns.

Iron Lighting Colors Pewter

Pewter Finish

The pewter color finish embodies an alluring blend of sophistication and understated elegance, reminiscent of the classic metal alloy from which it draws inspiration. Crafted through a meticulous process, this finish is more than just a hue; it's an embodiment of refined craftsmanship. Utilizing cutting-edge techniques, artisans infuse depth into the pewter finish by layering diverse shades that harmonize seamlessly. The result is a nuanced color palette that reflects light in captivating ways, showcasing hints of silver, gray, and subtle undertones that add depth and character to any surface it graces. What sets this finish apart is its adaptability and versatility. It effortlessly complements various design aesthetics, from contemporary and modern to traditional and rustic, seamlessly integrating into diverse interior and exterior settings. The pewter color finish possesses a timeless quality, evolving with grace over time, embracing a patina that enhances its allure and sophistication. Beyond its aesthetic appeal, the pewter color finish boasts durability and resilience, providing not just visual delight but also ensuring longevity and endurance in different environments. In essence, the pewter color finish is more than a mere shade; it's a testament to artistry, versatility, and enduring beauty that adds a touch of refined charm to any space.

Iron Lighting Colors Rust Brown

The rust-brown finish imbues an enigmatic allure, reminiscent of a black finish weathered by extended exposure to sunlight and a dusty atmosphere. This unique interplay gifts the rust-brown finish an unparalleled and captivating character, inviting intrigue fascination, and uniqueness.

Iron Lighting Colors Rust Copper

Rust Cooper Patina

The enchanting transformation of copper into rust is a captivating testament to the metal's inherent beauty. When copper is exposed to the elements over time, it undergoes a stunning metamorphosis, gradually developing a patina that encompasses various shades of reddish, brown, and earthy tones. Initially, copper begins to oxidize upon exposure to air and moisture, resulting in the formation of a reddish-brown layer called copper oxide. As this layer interacts further with the environment, it evolves into more complex compounds like copper carbonate and copper sulfate. The beauty of rusted copper lies in its organic evolution. The colors and patterns that emerge reflect the passage of time and the environmental conditions it encounters. Each copper surface develops its distinct character, showcasing a blend of hues and textures that exude a sense of antiquity and natural allure. This aging process not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of copper but also protects the metal beneath, forming a protective barrier against further corrosion. The resulting rustic charm and rich, textured appearance make rusted copper a beloved choice in architecture, design, and artistic endeavors, celebrating the inherent elegance of weathered metals.