Wrought Iron Chandeliers

Our wrought iron chandeliers are handcrafted or hand-forged using solid materials, sometimes tubular parts are only used depending on the design and to route wires inside them, but on all of them you will see the hand-forged scrollwork easily defined by its unique look of a hand-forged wrought iron, by using robust materials, after all, that’s what wrought iron is, a solid material heated to a glowing red and form to a whimsical shape, creating a unique wrought iron chandeliers arms and decorative iron chandelier accents. The use of robust wrought iron materials will set apart the experienced blacksmith from the novice one, making a big deal of appeal on the finished work and quality of the hand-forged end product or Wrought Iron Chandeliers


Chandeliers collection will showcase several hand-made designs and architectural periods of chandeliers. Our iron chandeliers collection has several unique designs and architectural styles, from Farmhouse, Mediterranean, Medieval, French, Italian, Spanish Hacienda and Mexican Chandeliers, Tudor and Gothic styles and we are able to fabricate your own designs and customize our current designs to your application, design, and size needs

Farmhouse Chandelier

Farmhouse chandelier designs are based on the rustic style with natural elements that make this chandelier design unique. Rustic chandeliers do not mean you will see weld beads or grinding marks or defective materials since a good blacksmith will build and create the parts using wrought materials to make all parts and sometimes they will not look perfect or the same and that is the beauty of hand-made arts and crafts farmhouse chandelier. Let us create your next farmhouse chandelier lighting for you, and add an additional jewel to your home, venue, or business.

Wood Chandelier

These wooden chandeliers are created from several wood species using rough wood materials season and ready to be formed to the desired shape or design, the wood may have some termite marks or wood nuts and or porosity, and simple or complex shape and radius are created by the artisan to shape the chandelier body, before beginning the deep hand-carving showing the carving design come alive from the main body with the final design following shape and contour of the wood chandelier.

Wood and Metal Chandeliers

We created our wood and metal chandeliers by hand-carving selected wood spices and creating very intricate shapes and designs, the deep hand carving will follow the shape and enrich the design that will stand up apart and will give you a unique design of a wood and metal chandelier and having a work of art for your unique and refine taste for arts and crafts, and every time you turn the light on you will see it and happy to own it.

Rustic Chandeliers

Some of our rustic chandeliers designs come in a large size and some of them are designed to add multiple tiers and increasing dimensions to keep the proper scale, we can also custom build to the size you may need for your indoor space. How the chandelier appears to be rustic, is by hand-making all the accessories and parts, and sometimes we used a hand-hammering finish to give our rustic chandeliers a unique appeal by distressing the material and repousse leaves and candle plates

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Farmhouse Chandelier

Farmhouse Chandeliers Salamanca

Rustic Chandeliers

Salamanca farmhouse iron chandelier is available in three sizes, and different lighting configuration, with 12-lights, 8-lights, 6-lights and also available with multiple tiers to maximize your large interior space and fulfill your illumination requirement on a large entry. Showcasing Salamanca farmhouse chandelier with 12-lights with aged metal finish, custom sizes are available

Hacienda Chandeliers Cadiz

Hacienda Chandeliers Cadiz

Wrought Iron Hacienda Chandeliers

Hacienda chandeliers Cadiz this unique chandelier is hand-forged using wrought iron, Cadiz chandelier is a great indoor chandelier design for any Mexican hacienda interior lighting, this wrought iron chandelier will be a great addition for your entryway or great room, the single-tier will be a great addition to your dining room or living room showcasing single tier with 8-lights Cadiz chandelier with the 48-inch diameter in antique bronze finish, and a two-tier with 12-lights and oil-rubbed bronze finish, the sizes can be customized to fit your interior space, we also offer a 3-tier chandelier for a large entry or venues with tall ceilings in large areas.

Iron Chandelier Asturias

Iron Chandelier Asturias

Spanish Colonial Asturias Chandelier

Asturias iron chandelier is hand-forged with wrought iron, this Spanish Colonial design will be a great illumination addition for your dining room or living room with 2-sizes to choose from, showcasing Asturias 52 inch diameter in Antique Bronze finish, custom sizes available for the Asturias chandelier.

Iron Chandelier Sevillano

Iron Chandelier Sevillano

Rustic Chandeliers Spanish Colonial

Sevillano iron chandelier is hand-forged with wrought iron this Spanish Colonial design will be a great decoration and illumination addition for your dining, living room, or a great room, with 2-sizes to choose from, custom sizes are available

Mediterranean Rustic Chandelier Tuscany

Rustic Iron Chandelier Tuscany

Mediterranean Iron Chandelier

Mediterranean rustic chandelier Tuscany, with a unique design and heavily hand-forged using wrought iron, and repousse leaves and rosettes. This chandelier has a great and unique Mediterranean design that will be a fantastic addition to your main entry stairway or, your great room. Tuscany Mediterranean rustic chandelier is available in 2-sizes and 2-lighting options to choose from, showcasing Tuscany chandelier with the 54-inch diameter in age metal finish, with 12-crackle glass shades, custom sizes are available to fit your interior spaces.

Mediterranean small chandeliers lido

Mediterranean Small Chandeliers

Wrought Iron Small Chandeliers Lido

Lido is a small and unique chandelier with the perfect size to fit in any small room kitchen nook and hallways the unique design of the authentic hand-forged wrought iron will give your interior decoration the perfect decoration touch and a great illumination source, showcasing a small 3-lights Lido chandelier in an oil-rubbed bronze finish with an upgrade glass sphere, this chandelier will take out of the conventional pendant light deco, giving you a more detail and unique decoration for your interiors.

Mexican Hacienda Chandelier Toledo

Mexican Chandelier Toledo

Chandeliers for Mexican Haciendas

Mexican chandelier Toledo, this Mexican Chandelier is hand-forged with wrought iron, Toledo chandelier is the typical chandelier design used in Mexican haciendas, hand-forged with wrought iron using solid and robust materials the decorative bottom leaves are hand-repousse showing an artistic and unique look, the candle plates are also hand-repousse giving a unique character of a hand-made chandelier, the scroll work is hand-forged from one piece and there is no joinery on the fishtail style scrollwork. Toledo Mexican chandelier will be a great addition for your kitchen nook, dining room, or having the two tiers with 12-lights in your living room, showcasing Mexican chandelier Toledo with the 38-inch diameter in age metal finish, with 3-inch resin dripping candle sleeves, we can also make a custom size, to fit your interiors adding value to your interior decoration.

Spanish Wrought Iron Chandeliers Barcelona

Spanish Wrought Iron Chandelier

Iron Chandeliers Barcelona

Barcelona Spanish wrought iron chandelier is hand-forged with 5- deferent size materials including, solid flat bar or wrought iron, every piece is hand-made from the chain to the small accents, like a candle plates decorative leafs and bottom finial, giving this black iron chandelier a unique look of one of the Caine from the design to the craftsmanship, Barcelona is set up with 12 medium base sockets compatible with led-light bulbs, comes with 3-l/f of hand-made chain and a hand-made canopy

Wood Chandelier

Wood Chandelier Capri

Rustic Wooden Chandeliers

Capri wood chandelier is deep hand-carved from ash wood the unique Mediterranean design will be a great decoration and illumination source for your interior decoration, and is available in 2-sizes and other material configuration for the arms

Wooden Chandeliers Andalusia

Wooden Chandeliers Andalusia

Rustic Wood and Iron Chandeliers

Wooden chandeliers. Andalucia wood and iron chandelier are deep hand-carved and available in several wood species depending on the wood finish required by the customer, some of the wood species are white oak wood, red oak, Cedar, and Sabino this wood is harvest from old trees dry and cured and ready for the hand-carved process, the arms are 3/4 form with a tube to allow the wire to route inside the arm and the scroll work is hand-forge with 3/4 wrought iron, candle plates are repousse with a unique shape, leaves are also repousse giving this wooden chandelier the unique look of arts and crafts lighting this unique wooden chandelier design is a great addition for any Spanish Mediterranean, Hacienda, Spanish style dining room, great room and kitchen nook, the unique design of this wood and iron chandelier will add a great decoration style and a great source of illumination. All wood and iron chandeliers come with 3-L/F of a hand-made chain, hardware, and canopy. This wooden chandelier is also available with 10-lights using a solid wrought iron flat bar for the arms, the 10-lights and they will split into two tiers of 5-lights per tier, if you require the 10-lights wood and iron chandelier please let us know by sending an email.

Wrought iron Chandeliers Versailles

Wrought Iron Chandeliers

Chandeliers Iron Versailles

Versailles wrought iron chandelier is hand-forged with 5/8 wrought iron every piece is hand-made from the chain to the small accents, and bottom finial giving this chandelier a unique look of one of the Caine build, set up with 12 candelabra sockets compatible with led-light bulbs, comes with 3-l/f of hand-made chain and a hand-made canopy

Wrought Iron Rustic Chandelier

Rustic Chandelier

Wrought Iron Chandeliers

Rustic chandelier Tuscano comes with two different finishes, we offer the distressed finish or hand-hammer finish, and the regular iron finish or smooth finish. Tuscano is also available with different lighting configuration to meet your illumination requirements, showcasing 12-lights Tuscano hand-hammer finish with upgrade crystals and hurricane glass shades and oil rubbed bronze finish, the second images showcase a 12-lights chandelier with a smooth iron finish and aged metal finish, Tuscano iron chandelier is available with 6, 8, 10, and 12 lights, the size ill be customized depending on the area for the chandelier, you can also pair this chandelier with the 3-lights Tuscano wall sconce