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Gothic Medieval Rochester Wall Sconce

Gothic Medieval Wall Sconce Lighting

The Rochester wall sconce embodies the essence of Gothic Medieval design within an English-style framework. Drawing inspiration from the architectural and design elements prevalent in medieval England, this ornate fixture reflects the opulence and intricacy of the Gothic period.Crafted meticulously, the Rochester sconce is a testament to exquisite detailing. Its features include pointed arches, elaborate tracery, and nature-inspired motifs like delicately crafted foliage. Every scroll is meticulously hand-forged from wrought iron, channeling the craftsmanship reminiscent of the Gothic era.Intricate patterns further enhance the overall Gothic aesthetic, creating a captivating visual experience. The sconce is equipped with five candelabra lights, casting a warm and inviting glow. Available in two sizes, the larger variant boasts dimensions of 48” in height by 28” in width, adorned with a stunning pewter finish.