Outdoor Iron Lightning

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Indoor Iron Lightning

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Outdoor Lighting

Iron Gallery in Austin, Texas designs and manufactures a large selection of outdoor lighting, our collection is inspired by European elements as well as Mexican Hacienda, Spanish Revival, Mediterranean, Italian, French lighting design, our collection of wrought iron outdoor light fixtures consist in several mounting configurations for indoor and outdoor spaces for your home

Wall Lighting

These fixtures come in several architectural styles ranging from Hacienda lighting, Spanish revival outdoor lighting, Mediterranean, Tuscan, Gothic French, Spanish, Italian, and English Tudor these lights will compliment your project with the most authentic look. Our outdoor wrought iron lights and wrought iron light fixtures, are built with solid and robust wrought iron materials, and all of the scroll work is hand-forged and other elements are hand-repousee by the blacksmith artisan.

Flush Mount Lights

This collection contains the same designs from the wall mount, pendant lights, and column mount to help you incorporate this flush mount light design in areas with less space for the light fixture to project from the wall or more light is need it without trying to get all the light source from few fixtures and having a full wall-mounted fixture on the wall and losing the aesthetics of your outdoor area. to the projection of a full light

Indoor Lighting

Our selection of indoor lighting encompasses a diverse range of architectural styles, incorporating elements from Spanish hacienda, Spanish revival, Spanish colonial, Mediterranean, French, Italian, Gothic, and Mexican aesthetics.

Within these architectural styles, you’ll discover a variety of lighting fixtures to suit your specific needs:

1. Entryway Illumination: Find the perfect lighting solutions for your entryway, including exquisite chandeliers and large pendant lights. Additionally, we offer customization options to create bespoke lighting designs tailored to your preferences.

2. Bathroom Brightening: Illuminate your bathroom with our selection of vanity sconces, small chandeliers, pendant lights, and ceiling-mounted fixtures. These options are designed to enhance both functionality and aesthetics in your bathroom space.

3. Kitchen Radiance: Discover the ideal lighting for your kitchen, including pot chandeliers, large kitchen island chandeliers, pendant lights, and ceiling-mounted fixtures. Our kitchen lighting solutions are not only functional but also add a touch of style to your culinary haven.

Wrought Iron Chandeliers

Large selection of Mexican Chandeliers, Tuscan chandeliers, farmhouse chandeliers, Gothic, Mediterranean, Rustic chandeliers, Wooden chandeliers, Wood and Metal chandeliers, Rustic Wood chandeliers, Country chandeliers, Black wrought iron chandeliers, Rustic dining room chandeliers

Pendant Lights

Our collection of pendant lights includes Mini pendant lights, Pendant lights for kitchen island,  farmhouse pendant lights with many different styles from Tuscan, Mediterranean, French, Gothic, Hacienda pendant lights, Spanish revival pendant lights