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Iron Light Fixtures for the Fine Living

Iron Gallery, LLC, located in Austin, TX, invites you to browse our iron lights web, we are a design and manufacturing company of custom iron doors and wrought iron lighting fixtures, and our iron light fixtures are showcase by iron lights web. We design and manufacture wrought iron light fixtures that span a wide selection of outdoor wrought iron lighting and indoor light fixtures including wrought iron chandeliers with rustic styles, wall sconces, pendant lights, iron lights, and hand-carved wood chandeliers.

Our wrought iron lighting products are designed and handcrafted in-house. Our iron lights are distinguished by the rich look and feel of the authentic hand-crafted products by using solid and robust wrought iron materials and unique designs. The hand-forged look on our products stands out from the discriminating eye of the savvy knowledgeable customer, where rustic does not mean you can see weld spots, gaps, or grinding marks, to the contrary, a good blacksmith is distinguished by using robust materials and joining parts by press-fitting the hand-made parts using the heat for expansion thermal welding and enjoying the art of repoussé for making all the accessory for our light fixtures, the parts are build using thick materials form leaves, candle plates, rosettes were the heat and the use of various hand-made tools give the parts, and accessories the rich look of the old world craftsmanship, repoussé it was a very typical process of making small parts or accessories in Europe, centuries ago.

Wrought Iron Lighting Fixtures Collection

We carry a large collection of wrought iron light fixtures with many architectural styles, and a large selection of accessories to choose from our iron lights web, we are capable of the handcraft custom sizes since all of our fixtures are hand made, we offer indoor and outdoor light fixtures, a custom hand-forged chandeliers, a rustic metal lighting, and light fixtures, our collection includes indoor wall sconces, black iron chandeliers, rustic chandeliers, French country chandeliers, foyer chandeliers, pendant lights, the flush mount light fixtures, kitchen lights, the bathroom light fixtures, and vanity sconces, we offer chandeliers with custom sizes and designs to complement your entryway, the staircase, or railing.

Outdoor Lighting

The outdoor light collection includes Mexican lighting, hand forge wall sconces, wall mount bracket light designs for Spanish hacienda light fixtures and Spanish revival lighting, Spanish Colonial lights seen in California, Santa Barbara, San Diego, Pasadena, we also carried a large selection of Italian, and French Mediterranean wall sconces, our Gothic light fixtures including pendant lights for outdoor hallways, wall sconces, pedestal lights, and pocket lights, we are capable of manufacturing indoor and outdoor lighting for any project or historical site with a proper style with unique designs for the period and the correct sizes to fit your architectural structure or building, enhancing your outdoor decoration and security by adding light. Our collection also includes a variety of light fixtures for commercial and hospitality venues with dark-sky lighting, as well as outdoor architectural landscape lighting.

Indoor Lighting

Our indoor lighting collection is followed by wrought iron chandeliers, kitchen lighting, including kitchen chandeliers mini-pendant lights, pot racks with lights, kitchen island lighting, the bathroom light fixture, vanity wall sconces, pendant light fixtures, small chandeliers, wall sconces, including black iron and rustic chandeliers.

Wrought Iron Chandeliers.

You will find a great selection of wrought iron chandeliers, designs with Spanish Hacienda, Mediterranean, French Chateau, rustic chandeliers, large wrought iron chandeliers with crystals, farmhouse chandelier, black iron chandeliers, Farmhouse dining room lighting, Medieval chandeliers.

Wood Chandelier.

We combine hand-carved wood and iron to create our wooden chandeliers, and wood wall sconces with unique designs, the wood chandeliers have several designs and sizes to select for your indoor spaces and unique decoration style

Our Collection

We hand-craft our lighting using solid materials or wrought iron, by hand-forging the material while is hot, using robust materials and hand-repousse all of the other major elements like leaves, brackets, chains and candle plates giving our light fixture collection the rich craftsmanship and the authentic old-world look of unique arts and crafts, these make our light fixtures unique, and the 98% hand-crafted by our true talented blacksmiths with many years of experience and most of the time this experience is been pass from previous generations on the trade there is near to extension. The paint finish is done by hand one light fixture at the time and every fixture is unique, our line of designer lights are custom made to your specifications and ADA compliant and dark-sky as well, for costal communities we offer thermal zinc coating as an upgrade

The Outdoor Wall Mount Fixtures

The wrought iron lighting collection is created to enhance your interior decoration and for your outdoors the architectural elements of your structure and facade, our large selection of unique designs inspired from Europe and from old Mexican Haciendas, and California homes built with the Spanish Colonial style with a large selection of designs to choose from styles like Rococo, Tuscan, Medieval, French Country, Spanish, Mexican, Hacienda lights and fixtures, Historical lighting, Spanish colonial with custom designs and sizes, to complement from small areas to a large rooms

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