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Medieval Iron Wall Sconce

Indoor Wall Sconces Medieval Style

Wall Sconce Medieval designs

Medieval indoor wall sconce the Boulogne is a great source of light and the perfect decoration of a Medieval style wall sconce for your indoor decoration, showcasing Boulogne in a satin black finish

Mediterranean Iron Wall Sconce Arezzo

Wall Sconces Mediterranean

Mediterranean Iron Wall Sconce

Arezzo Mediterranean iron wall sconce, with a unique design, Arezzo comes with 3-lights and is fitted with candelabra sockets, the craftsmanship and detail work is very noticeble, showcasing Arezzo in a Antique Copper finish

Mediterranean Iron Wall Sconce Bari

Wrought Iron Indoor Wall Sconce

Mediterranean Wrought Iron Sconce Bari

Bari wrought iron wall sconce is hand-forged and has a hammer-finish to make this indoor wall sconce a unique look, showcasing Bari i Oil-rubbed bronze finish.

Mediterranean Iron Wall Sconce Venice

Mediterranean Iron Wall Sconce Venice

Mediterranean style Iron Wall Sconce indoor lighting

Mediterranean style indoor wall sconce Venice a unique wall sconce design, showcasing Venice single light wall sconce in aged metal finish, this iron wall sconce is hand forged from wrought iron with hand-repousse leaves single candelabra socket

Mediterranean Wall Sconce Trento

Mediterranean Wall Sconce Trento

Mediterranean Style Iron Wall Sconce with 3-lights

Mediterranean wall sconce for indoors Trento wall sconce classic and elegant wall sconce design, showcasing Trento wall sconce with three lights in a satin black finish this iron wall sconce is hand forged from wrought iron with three candelabra sockets and resin candle sleeves.

Rustic Wall Sconce Tuscano

Tuscan wall scone

indoor rustic wall sconce Tuscano

Tuscan wall sconce Tuscano is available with hand-hammer finish this finish distress the metal and is done by hand without having a repetitive pattern and making this indoor wall sconce unique, the use of robust materials stand up from a much conventional lighting, Tuscano come with resing candles and 3-candelabra sockets, showcasing the 3-lights Tuscano wall sconce with aged metal color and hand-hammer finish, This wall sconce is also available in a nondistressed finish or iron finish with a paint textured finish, Tuscano chandelier is also available with 6, 8, and 12 lights for the Tuscano indoor lighting collection.

Toledo Iron Wall Sconce

Spanish Hacienda Indoor Lighting and Wall Sconces

Toledo Hacienda style indoor wall sconce

Toledo indoor wall sconce. This Hacienda style iron wall sconce light will give your interior decoration the authentic Hacienda style, casting the scrolling work into your wall, with a romantic shadow and unique look

Wall Sconce Candle Scudato

Wall scone candle scudato

indoor wall sconces

Wrought iron indoor wall sconce Scudato this a great accent lighting wall sconce for any wine or Champagne room, Scudato is showcasing with a hand-hammer metal finish, and rust copper finish and 2-candelabra sockets, Scudato is available in two sizes.

Wall Sconce Italian Scroll

Mediterranean Wall Sconce Italian Scroll

The Mediterranean Style Iron Wall Sconce

Mediterranean wall sconce Italian Scroll indoor wall sconce classic and elegant single light wall sconce design, showcasing Italian scroll with a single light in oil rubbed bronze finish and silver leaf rosette this iron wall sconce is hand forged from wrought iron with single candelabra socket

Wood Wall Sconces Luminoso

Wood and Iron Wall Sconce

Mediterranean style hand-carved wood and Iron Wall Sconce

Luminoso mano scolpito indoor wall sconce with a classic and very elegant design, the Luminosos sconce will complement your Mediterranean style home or Italian Villa, Luminoso is available with two and three lights, with a faux wood stain finish, gold, or silver leaf finish, showcasing a 3-lights with a gold leaf finish and Venetian gold finish on the iron scrollwork, the two lights is showcasing with white oak natural finish with clear stain and satin black iron, and 6 inch candle sleeves The hand-carving on the Luminoso is deep and enhance the design on the main body of the wall, the sconce is hand-carved using several wood species and may vary depending the color finish

Wrought Iron Wall Sconce

Lombardy Mediterranean wall sconce

Wrought Iron Indoor Wall Sconce, handcrafted with wrought iron.