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Hacienda Dining Room Chandelier Alicante

Hacienda Chandeliers

Dining Room Chandelier

The Alicante hacienda iron chandelier is available in two different sizes, making it a perfect addition to your dining room decor. Whether you have a moderately sized or spacious dining area, the Alicante is expertly designed to be a fitting centerpiece above your dining table. This elegant chandelier not only features lights inside the chandelier but also incorporates LED technology with a mica shade, ensuring that your dining space is well-illuminated. The captivating image spotlights the exquisite charm of the Alicante rectangular dining table chandelier, which measures an impressive 48 inches in length and boasts a total of eleven lights. With eight lights positioned around the chandelier and an additional three inside it, this chandelier's design is both functional and beautiful. The lower section of the chandelier showcases two identical side accents, each adorned with a mica shade, creating a balanced and visually appealing composition. To complete the look, the chandelier is finished with a rich and timeless oil-rubbed bronze finish.