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Spanish Colonial Outdoor Wall Lighting Duquesa

Enhance your Spanish Colonial home with Duquesa outdoor wall light fixture

Duquesa's Spanish colonial-style outdoor lighting fixtures are an excellent choice for homes with Spanish-style architecture. This unique lighting style perfectly complements Spanish colonial homes, making it an ideal addition for both decoration and illumination of your outdoor spaces. Whether you need outdoor lighting in the entryway or wall-mounted fixtures throughout your outdoor area, these lights are versatile and stylish. We offer these outdoor wall lights in three different sizes, all of which are meticulously hand-forged using wrought iron. The medium-sized fixture is a prime example of the craftsmanship that goes into creating these pieces. All sizes come equipped with a medium base socket and clear glass, providing a warm and inviting glow to your outdoor spaces. For those looking for more decorative options, the sizes can be upgraded with two, and three candelabra sockets. If you reside in a state with a Title-24 buil code, rest assured that these fixtures are available with a GU-24 socket, allowing compatibility with JA8 light bulbs, and meeting the stringent requirements of Title-24. We also provide additional customization options, including various architectural glass upgrades, and they all are compatible with LED light bulbs for states not governed by Title-24 building codes. You can explore different glass options and color finishes in our finishing touches section to ensure the perfect match for your home's exterior. Moreover, these versatile fixtures are not limited to wall mounting. They are also available as pendant lights, pocket lights, and mustache-style wall mounts, offering a wide range of options to suit your specific outdoor lighting needs and preferences.