How to Install Sconce Lighting in a Bathroom

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In this modern era, people are aware of their room decoration in the same as their outlook. In the pre-modern era, it also happened, but not much as it is now. At present, they are not only limited to their bedroom or drawing room’s decoration but also have gone to their bathroom.

In the decoration, lightning is one of the most essential parts of it. Some times, people feel confused about which lighting will need to their bathroom and how they can install. In this article, we have focused on “How to install sconce lighting in a bathroom.” Let’s see what it takes to do the installation

We strongly recommend HIRE A LICENCED ELECTRICIAN to do the work since they are trained to deal with electrical current, this article is just to get you an idea of the work involved to get this done

What Is Sconce Lighting

A scone is a kind of light fixture which is attached to the wall, such a way where light remains. This light is normally directed upward, and it has no base on the floor. It may look like a traditional candle or a torch. A glass or other materials cover the whole light sources. Nowadays modern sconces lights are called ‘wall lights.’

In the pre-modern era, these were made by Brass or Silver in the 17th century. But in the 18th century, it has been taken placed by Ormolu and Porcelain by a reflectable plate. However, the process of setting up the sconce lighting is given below:

How to Install Sconce Lighting in a Bathroom

  • At first, turn off electricity using the breaker box of the bathroom.
  • You should measure the location where you want to install sconce. Finding out the best visual effect, you may select the space of the side of the mirror or the central place from the floor about 5 and 6 feet up.
  • Search electrical outlets in the nearest location of the bathroom. Then you may unscrew the cover of the box. Use stud finder so that you can find out any Studs which path will pass through the wall to fit with the light.
  • The electrical box is also known as a junction box. All the sconce will go through onto the wall. So, you should outline.
  • Behind each sconce, in the center of the electrical box outline, you have to drill a small hole. Then you may switch the box where it is located.
  • To check out any plumbing or wires behind the bathroom wall. Insert a wire hanger through the hole.
  • Behind the walls, space must be empty of any plumbing or wire where you will install the sconce.
  • Then you may cut the outline of the junction of the wall. Using a keyhole saw, you may switch it carefully. You should keep in mind that you must cut continuously to remove the complete drywall. When you cut the whole section, stop cutting it.
  • This process must be continued for each plumber. The junction box using as a template the wires will go through the wall.
  • Pass wires between the electrical box and hole. For the mild switching, you may run wire. This run must go from the electrical box to the hole to pass. Each set of cables are consists of three wires
  • One green wire is called ground wire
  • One black wire is called a live wire
  • The third is one white wire. This wire is taken as the neutral wire.
  • Passing the studs, chisel out a small notch. Then wires may pass and cover with a metal plate so that drywall can not damage the wire one patched.
  • You may chisel out the holes of the ‘Junction box.’ After chiseling, insert the wires outside to the box. Then you may cut and screw the box to the wall to ensure the electrical box is secured to the nearest stud available, you want to attach the electrical box to a stud to secure the weight of the wall sconce
  • After that, you may connect the wires to the ground, along with electrical boxes and scones carefully. According to the manufacture’s wiring diagram of the scones and switch, connect the white and black wires with the related wires supplier of the switch.
  • Using the mounting kit, you must screw the sconce to the wall. If the scones are not connected to the stud, at first enter the drywall to the wall. Then the screw to the sconce with the anchor.
  • Install the cover of the outlet and check the circuit once again. Install the light and switch ON.
  • Finally, you will see the sconce lightening.


The above steps show you what is involved in the installation of a wall sconce.


The bathroom is the place where you get start your day, and also the end. The lights should be adorable. If the light is bright, it can give you extra energy after waking up in the morning.

On the other hand, offset light may provide you with feeling sleepy at night time. For this purpose, scones lights can give you both experience. So it can be called an ideal light for the bathroom.