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How to Install Outdoor Pendant Light


Use outdoor pendant lights to add elegance to your home’s outdoor lighting. There are several styles for any subject and budget, and you do not have to hire an expert to mount your pendant lights.

All you need to do is decide which area you would like to prioritize and someone to help you take those steps in this project. The steps to mount an outdoor network are here. Using outdoor lights, it will give you a beautiful view of your house.

When you invite your guests at night time, then they will be surprised when they arrive at your house. And they feel more welcomed. For this, that moment will be memorable for you.

Even you can take beautiful pictures with your guests in the night time. Or you can arrange your party in front of your house that will be more amazing.

Step 1: Preparation for Installation of outdoor pendant lights

First, you need to choose a pendant outdoor light that is secure to use outdoors. Before starting with this project, make sure you turn off the power on the main switch. To verify that electricity is actually switched off, also use a voltmeter. If a light set on the ceiling or the surface where the pendant outdoor light is installed is replaced, remove it.

Step 2: Installation of the mounting strap

The mountain strap can be optionally installed. If there is no center stud on the outlet plate, then you need to install this piece of mounting hardware. Additionally, Ensure that the mounting strap is secured firmly.

Step 3: Installation of the light fixture

A pendant light often hangs with its electrical cord, which makes the furnace very simple, mostly defined by color and size. The simple type of light lies in the shade that can suit any decor, room or application. A flared form or translucent shade brings more light into space and light can be fastened into a solid shade.

So, remove the fixture from the box before cabling the pendant outdoor light mount and install all its parts based on the most recent guidance you get from the manufacturer.

Step 4: Inspection of Junction Box

Locate and switch the power on your electric panel and check that there is not energy flowing. To protect against cabling damage, a previously attached light should be removed. Two wires for power, and a third wire for electric ground, should be visible.

Remove any mounting bracket that has been used before. See the junction box and ensure that there are potential support that the overall weight of the pendant outdoor light you will install. You can use a plastic box if the light fixtures you are connecting are pretty light.

Furthermore, you have to use a metal box if you’re installing heavy light fixtures, so you don’t get off the hanging fixture.

Step 5: Wiring the Outdoor pendant light

Test the cables on the light brace. Check the top or part of the mounting on the outlet box of the ceiling. Consult the manufacturer’s cabling scheme and carefully follow the cabling directions. In general, the splitting of the black wire into the black wire on the outlet box is part of this process.

For connecting the two wires, you need to use wiring nuts. And split the white wiring in the same way that the black wires were broken. From the outlet box, connect the bare wire or the green wire onto the green wire which is on the lighting.

Finally, connect the green wire to the earth screw or bracelet. Make sure that the wiring nuts on all cable connections are safely linked. Place the cables in the power box.

Step 6: Affix Cover

When the cables have been finished, cover the connecting case with the cover with the bracket posts and screw caps. Tighten to make sure no wires are pinched, or exposed until the wrap firmly rests against the ceiling.

Step 7: Add Shade

Flush the nut on the mount of the shade over the bulb socket and slide the shadow across the threads and replace the nut for protection. When lit, make sure to hang up during light shade. Reduce the length of the cord by which the light is hung by hand if necessary, but expect the cable to settle further under the permanent weight of the mount over time.

Step 8: Choose a Bulb

If you pick a bulb for your fixture, please see the manufacturer’s instructions. The design and functionality of your ceiling connection can have a major impact on the voltage, the form, and “light appearance.

Ensure the light is dim and look for cooler colors in living rooms when using a Dimmer Switch, although the best choice for large areas is generally not a single pendant outdoor light.

Step 9: Installation of Light Fixture

Slide the light mount on the cord hanging over the ceiling and screw the light mount on the roof by pressing the scroll cover. Before activating the power supply, ensure that the light is safely placed in the ceiling. Test the outdoor pendant lights when power is switched on.

Step 10: Hanging height adjustment

After finishing all processes, you need to fix the height to install the set screw. It will be loosened and pull the cord across the required length before trying to hang your new light.

The excess cord should left a bit long, and the excess can be secretly mounted behind the light cover or installation. The height it takes up is a problem or inclination, but when deciding cord length, it considers the height of light and possible head bumping.


If you buy designing lights for your outdoors, then you need to do that works perfectly. Otherwise, you will lose your lights which is maybe expensive. But you can buy some cheap designing bulbs for your outdoor lights. So, If you follow these instructions, then you can correctly install your pendant outdoor light. So let me know how you install your outdoor pendant lights.

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