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How to Install a Lamp Post in Your Yard


Don’t you know a lamp post in your yard can help you in many ways? It illustrates the beauty by removing the darkness. Installing a lamp post in your yard is not only a great way to add lights, but it can also be a significant decorative element and adding security by illuminating the surrounding area.

Want to add some extra light to your yard to remove the darkness, and to make your yard look beautiful, you can consider using a lamp post. However, installing a lamp post is not a complicated task. It takes only some effort and time to accomplish it. This article will help you with the steps on how to install a lamp post in your yard.

Steps on How To Install A Lamp Post in Your Yard?

We strongly recommend you having a licensed electrician to do the installation since they are familiar with the obstacles of water, gas pipelines and fiber optic cables for your home while they dig a trench for the electrical wire routing.

Here are the steps on what it takes to install a small light post.

Many people do not know how to install a light stand in the yard. So, we are going to tell you the steps to install a lamp post in your yard. It will help you establish a lamp post and make your yard look different and get an idea of the job involved in installing a post light.

Step 1: Choose Your Lamp Post

If you want to set up a light post in your yard, the first thing to do is to purchase the lamp post kit. If you don’t have one, you can buy it from a light shop or directly from online. When you buy it, make sure that your chosen one is designed to work for the yard and will enhance the look of your home.

Step 2: Read Instruction Carefully

When you buy the kit, read the instructions carefully at least twice. It is essential to learn to be familiar with the specific installation requirements for the model. When you are reading the direction, you need to make a list of all the tools and materials.

Step 3: Dig the Post Hole

When you have all the material and tools, you need to dig the post hole. You can use a round shovel or post hole digger. You must make a hole in the yard at least 12 inches in diameter and 20 inches deep.

Step 4: Trench a Line

You will need to create a line to install the power line to the lamp post in your yard. Dig a line of enough width to put a pvc pipe to connect the power cables into it with a length of power supply to the post.

Step 5: Install the PVC Conduit

You have to choose a dry-fit PVC conduit. It is vital to install PVC conduits for the expansion from home to post holes. When you fix the pipe, attach the elbows. It will provide a channel away from home and towards the trench. You need to make sure that the conduit is long enough to project 6 inches off the ground. We always strongly recommend having a licensed electrician do this work since you are dealing with electrical current to get electricity to the post

Note that all elbows should be correctly oriented. Thread a 12-gauge UF-rated cable through the pipe. When you place the pipeline, it should be wired inside the groove then backfilled with soil. Your electrical contractor is up to date on all of the current electrical codes for this job.

Step 6: Fill the Posthole with Concrete

After installing the PVC conduit, mix a batch of concrete into a hole or wheelbarrow. You should maintain a solid mixture and add too much water to shorten the time. Roll the concrete into the posthole over the pavement.

You have to be careful not to go in any direction on your waterway. The post hole should be filled in to grade it. Try to smooth the top of the foot with a concrete float.

Step 7: Lamp Post Installing

Now it’s time to install the lamp post in the yard. To do this, equip the post by wrapping three to four ropes or straps around the post. It should be stacking it to the ground. After that, you should hold a level vertically in various spots to check it for plumb.

You need to tie the ropes or straps attached to the lamp post to hold the job in the correct position. Besides, removing the ropes or straps allows you to allow the concrete to dry completely and hard for about 3-4 hours.

Step 8: Properly Connect the Wires

When you are done with installing lamp posts, now you need to connect the wires correctly. Carefully peel away 3 inches of the gray insulation from the UF cable projecting from the post with a knife. It is crucial to uncover three wires inside the yard ground.

Expose half an inch of bare copper on all colored wires from posts and lanterns with a wire strippers. Carefully match the wires from the lamp to the cables from the post.

If you do not know how to connect, seek for the help of an electrician. When everything is finished, turn the lamp post on and check by. You have now completed installing a lamp post in your yard.

Final Verdict

Short lamp posts are made from a material made of long, hard glass fiber that is woven into a polypropylene fabric. Hopefully, now you know how to install a lamp post in your yard after reading the article. Make sure you hire the right contractor to do the installation.