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Hacienda Lighting Alcala

Hacienda Lighting Spanish Style

Alcala Hacienda Outdoor Wall Sconce

Hacienda outdoor lighting Alcala wall sconce is a great light fixture with a classic Hacienda lighting style with a great design and a great illumination source for adding security to your outdoor spaces, this wall mount light fixture will illuminate and decorate your outdoors great accent to be used for your entryway and other surrounded areas, with the combination of other mounting configurations available for the Alcala hacienda light, other mounting configurations like a pendant light for your courtyards, hallways, the flush mount is a great source of illumination for hallways with narrow spaces with less projection on the fixture from the wall, showcasing the medium size Alcala hacienda light wall mount with hand-rolled seedy glass, satin black finish and two candelabra sockets, you can upgrade with a water glass or other architectural glass available in our finishing touches area. Alcala hacienda sconce comes with seedy glass and medium base socket or GU-24 socket is provided for a States with title-24 build code, we offer upgrades with other architectural glass styles as well as multiple candelabra sockets compatible for led light bulbs, glass options, and color finishes, and more details can be found in our ffinishing touches section.

Hacienda lighting Salamanca

Hacienda Outdoor Lights

Salamanca Wall Mount hacienda lights

Hacienda outdoor light fixtures, Salamanca wall mount light fixture outdoor lighting decoration for your hacienda-style home or venue, with a great illumination for security this wall mount light can be used for your entryway and other outdoor areas, the pendant light is perfect for courtyards, and hallways, the flush mount is a great source of illumination for hallways, showcasing the small size Salamanca wall mount with custom hand-rolled seedy glass and medium base socket, in satin black finish this fixture comes with medium base socket or GU-24 socket for a States with title-24 build complaint, and clear glass, we offer other architectural glass as an upgrade as well as multiple candelabra sockets compatible for led light bulbs, glass options, and color finishes and more details can be found in our finishing touches section

Hacienda Outdoor Light Fixtures

Hacienda Lights

Aragon Spanish hacienda wall mount lights

Outdoor lights for Hacienda designs like the Aragon collection is hand-forged with wrought iron, these Spanish hacienda lighting fixtures are built and designed by Iron Gallery, LLC and a great light fixture design for your hacienda outdoor lighting, Aragon fixture collection is available in several mounting configurations to be used as a pendant, column mount, and the pocket light is used for areas where the projection of the fixture is limited, showcasing medium size Aragon in aged metal and satin black finish. Aragon comes with a clear glass and medium base socket or GU-24 socket for states holding title-24 build code, other states without title-24 code can be upgraded with several candelabra sockets for using led-light bulbs. Another architectural glass is available for upgrade, giving you full customization of your outdoor hacienda outdoor lights

Hacienda Outdoor Lighting

Spanish Hacienda Lighting

Hacienda Lights for Outdoors

Marbella Spanish hacienda lighting for your outdoor hacienda with the authentic look of a light made for a Spanish - Hacienda fixture use to decorate them. This iron light fixture will give your Spanish revival or Spanish hacienda the elegance by decorating your facade and outdoors, having the right Spanish hacienda lighting design for your outdoor spaces is very important and the same time illuminating your outdoors for security. Marbella Spanish hacienda lighting collection is also available in other mounting configurations,  flush mount for your hall-ways and spaces with tight spaces where lighting needs it, showing a full front view of the lights without projecting much out of the wall, the pendant lights can be illuminating your hacienda hallways or outdoor corridors and terrace, the mustache wall mount goes really well for decorating and illuminating above your garage area, the column mount fixtures will be the perfect lighting to go by your driveway gate and creating a great appeal and illumination at your entry, having a complete light collection blending with your outdoors on any outdoor space of your Hacienda outdoor lighting project. Showcasing custom size Marbella with 48" height, having the right scale for the entry facade for this home, Marbella light fixture can be used to build an outdoor chandelier for your porte-cochere. Custom sizes for the Marbella are available upon customer's request, we offer several architectural colored, and texture glass options available to customize your Hacienda lighting all of these glass options are available as an upgrade, to find more glass options go to our finishing touches section to see options.

Marquesa pilaster hacienda fixture

Hacienda Column Mount Light Fixtures

Marquesa hacienda style pilaster mount light fixture

Marquesa wrought iron pilaster mount fixture is hand-forged with wrought iron, this fixture is available in several mounting configurations as a wall mount, flush and pendant applications as well as mustache wall mount configuration this fixture comes with clear glass and single medium base or GU-24 socket for title 24 build code you can upgrade with multiple candelabra sockets for led light bulbs for states without a title 24 build code. Showcasing Marquesa with close top and clear glass.