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Spanish Style Pendant Lights Barcelona

Spanish Outdoor Iron Pendant Lights Barcelona

Enhance your outdoor ambiance with our exquisite Spanish pendant lights. Introducing the Barcelona pendant light fixture, a fusion of stunning Spanish design and optimal illumination for your outdoor spaces. This exceptional piece is available in three different sizes and offers various mounting configurations, including wall mount, post mount, and pocket light options.

The Barcelona pendant features a captivating clear glass design and a medium base socket, providing compatibility with energy-efficient LED light bulbs. For regions adhering to the Title 24 building code, we offer a GU-24 socket variant. Explore the versatility of this fixture by choosing from our array of mounting options.

Spanish Style Pocket Lights Espanola

Spanish-style pocket light

Classic Spanish pocket lights for outdoors

Espanola flush mount light is showcased in Satin Black color, with clear seedy glass. The small size comes with a single candelabra socket and is compatible with a led-candelabra light bulb, the medium and large come with a single medium base or GU-24 socket for the Title 24 building code in California, multiple candelabras are available for the large fixture as an upgrade, This Spanish pocket light comes with clear glass and is very versatile for use in your indoors and outdoors other glass options for upgrade are available in our finishing touches section.

Spanish Style Wrought Iron Chandelier

Wrought Iron Chandelier Coronado

Spanish-style wrought iron chandelier

The Coronado wrought iron chandelier is hand-forged with wrought iron this Spanish-style design will be a great source of illumination and an addition to your dining room, living room, or a great room, with 2-sizes to choose from, with custom sizes and numbers of lights and two tiers are also available, showcasing a 32" in diameter is flat black finish with candelabra sockets. All chandeliers come with 3-L/F of hand-made chain, canopy mounting hardware, and U.L.

Spanish Wrought Iron Chandeliers Barcelona

Spanish Wrought Iron Chandelier

Iron Chandeliers Barcelona

Barcelona Spanish wrought iron chandelier is hand-forged with 5- deferent size materials including, solid flat bar or wrought iron, every piece is hand-made from the chain to the small accents, like a candle plates decorative leafs and bottom finial, giving this black iron chandelier a unique look of one of the Caine from the design to the craftsmanship, Barcelona is set up with 12 medium base sockets compatible with led-light bulbs, comes with 3-l/f of hand-made chain and a hand-made canopy

Stained Amber Mica

Clear Amber Mica Shades

Clear Amber Mica shade is used for some of our indoor custom Spanish revival wall sconces, pendant light fixtures, and chandeliers.

Toledo Iron Wall Sconce

Spanish Hacienda Indoor Lighting and Wall Sconces

Toledo Hacienda style indoor wall sconce

Toledo indoor wall sconce. This Hacienda style iron wall sconce light will give your interior decoration the authentic Hacienda style, casting the scrolling work into your wall, with a romantic shadow and unique look

Tuscano Long Mustache

Tuscano Long Mustache Light Fixture

Mediterranean-style wall-mount lights

The Tuscano Long Mustache Wall Mount offers an ideal outdoor lighting solution for positioning above your garage and main entry door, effectively enhancing and illuminating your garage area. This fixture features a prominent Tuscan design with a long mustache, boasting a sleek iron finish complemented by water glass and equipped with 3 candelabra sockets. Standardly provided with clear glass and a single medium base socket, you also have the option to upgrade to a hand-hammer or distress finish, multiple candelabra sockets, and various architectural glass choices, allowing for a personalized touch. Further details regarding glass images, finishes, and additional specifications can be explored in our dedicated Finishing Touches section. In adherence to Title 24 building code requirements in applicable states, this fixture will be configured with a GU-24 socket to ensure full compliance with the specified building codes.

Tuscano Mediterranean Style

Column Mount Light Fixtures

Tuscano Mediterranean column mount light fixture

Tuscano wrought iron column mount fixture is hand-forged with wrought iron and available in a wall mount, flush, and pendant applications as well as mustache configuration this fixture comes with clear glass and a single medium base socket compatible with a led light bulb, you can upgrade with multiple candelabra sockets for led light bulbs. The Tuscano comes with a hand-hammer finish and a regular finish.  Showcase a small Tuscano post mount with seedy glass and satin black with the hand-hammer distress finish, and a large Tuscano with hand-hammer finish satin black finish, set up with 3-candelabra sockets with led light bulbs and hand-rolled seedy glass.

Venice Dark-sky Pendant Light

Pendant Lights Dark sky compliance

Outdoor Pendant Lights

Dark-sky Pendant lights for outdoor, reduce outdoor light pollution, by fitting your lighting project with the Venice pendant iron light fixture set up for a dark-sky with a Spanish hacienda-style design is a great lighting source for your outdoors, Venice dark-sky pendant is available in several mounting configurations, from wall mount light, flush-mount, and post-mount, Venice comes with seedy glass, GU-24 socket compatible with led light bulbs, the GU-24 socket is required for states with title 24 build code to be able to pass build inspection, showcasing a medium-size Venice dark-sky pendant with a satin black finish, this fixture can be upgraded at an additional cost with, hand-rolled clear seedy, amber hand-rolled seedy, and frosted satin glass, to see the color finish and glass options visit our finishing touches section, this fixture comes with 3-l/ft of the hand-made chain, canopy, and mounting hardware.

Wall Outdoor Lighting Milan

Wall Outdoor Wall Lighting

Milan Wall Mount Sconce

Milan Mediterranean wall outdoor lighting, Milan outdoor wall sconce fixture, is a great Mediterranean style lighting with a great illumination resource for adding security to any outdoors, this wall mount light will illuminate your outdoors and can be used for your entryway and other surrounded areas, with the combination of other mounting configurations, like a pendant light for your courtyards, and hallways, the flush mount is a great source of illumination for hallways with a narrow spaces saving you space, showcasing the medium size Milan wall mount with frost glass, satin black finish and a single medium base socket, Milan comes with clear glass, medium base socket or GU-24 socket for a States with title-24 build complaint, we offer upgrades with other architectural glass styles as well as multiple candelabra sockets compatible for led light bulbs, glass options, and color finishes, and more details can be found in our finishing touches section

Wall Sconce Candle Scudato

Wall scone candle scudato

indoor wall sconces

Wrought iron indoor wall sconce Scudato this a great accent lighting wall sconce for any wine or Champagne room, Scudato is showcasing with a hand-hammer metal finish, and rust copper finish and 2-candelabra sockets, Scudato is available in two sizes.

Wall Sconce Cartagena

Black wrought iron light fixtures

Indoor Wall Sconces

Enhance the ambiance of your wine cellar, Champagne room, or even your home theater with the captivating allure of the Cartagena wrought iron indoor wall sconce. Crafted meticulously with hand-hammered details and adorned with a charming lace-style design, this fixture exudes elegance. Uniquely fashioned with a satin black finish, the Cartagena boasts a textured metal surface that adds character to any space. It's clear amber mica shade emanates a warm, inviting glow, but if you desire a different hue, explore our diverse range of mica color shades in the finishing touches section. Equipped with a single base and two candelabra sockets, this sconce offers ample illumination. Should you require enhanced lighting, it accommodates additional output while ensuring compliance with title 22 build codes with its GU24 socket compatibility. Plus, its versatility extends to covered exterior areas, making it a suitable choice for outdoor use. Elevate your surroundings with the Cartagena wall sconce—a timeless blend of craftsmanship and functionality, perfect for accentuating your spaces with a touch of sophistication.