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Dark Sky Pocket Light Venice

Dark Sky pocket light

Spanish revival dark sky

Spanish revival flush mount light Venice is showcasing in satin black finish and upgraded with hand-rolled seedy glass. The small size comes with a medium base socket or GU-24 for the state of California with a title-24 build code and is compatible with any GU-24 led light bulb, this fixture comes with clear glass and can be upgraded with any of our architectural glass options, the dark sky was designed to go with a Mediterranean Style Villa and Spanish revival home the pocket light has a very small projection from the wall and help to illuminated narrow hallways saving you space since the projection from the wall is minimum and the side glass will put a narrow light pattern on the wall, the light is rated for a wet location can be used for outdoor and indoors, we offer other architectural glass options for upgrade see the glass in our finishing touches section.

Dark-sky Pendant Light San Polo

Pendant Lights Dark sky compliance

Outdoor Pendant Lights

San Polo Dark-sky pendant light is in compliance with outdoor use, by reducing outdoor light pollution, glare, and light clutter, using this fixture in your outdoor project this light fixture set up for a dark sky with a Mediterranean style design is a great lighting source for your outdoors, This fixture is set up with GU-24 socket and available in tree deferent sizes and wall mount configuration, this GU-24 socket is compatible with led light bulbs, the GU-24 socket is required for states with title 24 build code to be able to pass build inspection, showcasing a medium-size San Polo dark-sky pendant with an antique bronze finish, and upgraded hand-rolled seedy clear glass this fixture can be upgraded at an additional cost with, hand-rolled clear seedy, amber hand-rolled seedy, and frosted satin glass, to see the color finish and glass options visit our finishing touches section, this fixture comes with 3-l/ft of the hand-made chain, canopy, mounting hardware, and UL

Farmhouse Chandelier

Farmhouse Chandeliers Salamanca

Rustic Chandeliers

Explore the exquisite Salamanca farmhouse iron chandelier, a captivating lighting fixture that exudes rustic charm. This stunning chandelier is offered in a variety of sizes and lighting configurations, catering to your specific needs. Choose from 12-light, 8-light, and 6-light options, each thoughtfully designed with multiple tiers to illuminate and enhance your expansive interior spaces, particularly making a grand statement in your entryway. The Salamanca farmhouse chandelier, in its 12-light configuration, boasts an alluring aged metal finish that adds character to any setting. If your space demands a custom size, we're ready to accommodate your unique requirements.

Farmhouse Iron Wall Sconce Normandy

Normandy Indoor Iron Wall Sconce

Farmhouse wall sconces normandy

Wrought iron indoor sconce, with an old world look this farmhouse iron wall sconce will make your indoor decoration unique The finish is antique bronze and is available with one and two lights, this wall sconce is fitted with two candelabra sockets giving you a great illumination for your indoors.

Flemish Glass

Our outdoor wall-mounted wrought iron wall sconces and indoor pendant lights come with clear glass by default. However, if you're looking for something with unique architectural patterns, we provide flemish glass as an optional upgrade.

Flush Mount Lights Mediterranean Sorrento

Flush Mount Lights Mediterranean

Custom made Pocket Lights

Flush light fixture is showcasing in dark red finish with water glass as an upgrade. The small size Sorrento comes with candelabra socket for a led-candelabra light bulb, the medium and large come with a single medium base or GU-24 socket for the State of California, multiple sockets are available for the large fixture as an upgrade, Sorrento is also available in other mounting configurations to use in other areas like pendant lights, column mount, and wall mount light configuration

Flush Mount Lights Tuscano

Tuscano Flush Mount Lights

Mediterranean Pocket Lights

Tuscano flush light fixture showcase in oil-rubbed bronze finish with water glass as an upgrade. The small Tuscano comes with clear glass, and a candelabra socket for a led-candelabra light bulb, the medium and large come with clear glass a single medium base or GU-24 socket for the State of California, and multiple candelabras are available for the large fixture as an upgrade, Tuscano is also available in other mounting configurations to use in other areas like pendant lights, column mount, wall mount sconce, and mustache, the pocket style mounting or flush mount will give you a great look of with mounting several lights into a narrow space without taken space from your area since the fixture does not project much from the wall but you will have a full front view of this fixture, Tuscano comes with clear glass and can be upgraded with other architectural glass, and gracefully illuminate and decorate your outdoors and is available in 3-sizes as well as a pendant, flush and column mount configurations.

French Chateau Style Pendant Lights Parisian

French Chateau Outdoor Iron Pendant Lights

Enhance your outdoor lighting with our exquisite French Chateau outdoor pendant lights. This pendant light fixture features a captivating French Chateau design, providing a sophisticated illumination solution for your outdoor spaces. The Parisian pendant is offered in three sizes and various mounting configurations, including wall mount and post mount options.Designed with versatility in mind, the Parisian pendant comes with clear glass and a medium base socket. The socket is LED-compatible, ensuring energy-efficient lighting. For regions following the Title 24 building code, a GU-24 socket option is available. Explore our selection, which includes the medium Parisian pendant adorned with a satin black finish and bronze accents.

Gas Lights

Gas light Normandy Wall Mount Page not for the view

Gothic Light Fixture Siena

Italian Style Gothic Light Fixture

The Siena Gothic light fixture is an excellent choice for outdoor lighting fixtures for your Italian Villa-style homes. Its unique design complements Italian Mediterranean architecture, making it the ideal outdoor wall light for enhancing your home's decor and providing illumination. This versatile Gothic light can be installed in your entryway or on any wall throughout your outdoor space. We offer three different sizes for this light, with the medium size being showcased in this hand-forged wrought iron fixture.

The wall light features a medium base socket and clear glass, and for the Medium and large sizes, you have the option to upgrade with 2 or 3 candelabra lights. If your residence falls under a title-24 build code state, this fixture will be equipped with a GU-24 socket, allowing you to use any JA8 light bulbs required by the code. Additionally, we provide various architectural glass options as upgrades for this lighting fixture. To see color finish and glass options go to Finishing Touches.

Gothic Medieval Rochester Wall Sconce

Gothic Medieval Wall Sconce Lighting

The Rochester wall sconce embodies the essence of Gothic Medieval design within an English-style framework. Drawing inspiration from the architectural and design elements prevalent in medieval England, this ornate fixture reflects the opulence and intricacy of the Gothic period.Crafted meticulously, the Rochester sconce is a testament to exquisite detailing. Its features include pointed arches, elaborate tracery, and nature-inspired motifs like delicately crafted foliage. Every scroll is meticulously hand-forged from wrought iron, channeling the craftsmanship reminiscent of the Gothic era.Intricate patterns further enhance the overall Gothic aesthetic, creating a captivating visual experience. The sconce is equipped with five candelabra lights, casting a warm and inviting glow. Available in two sizes, the larger variant boasts dimensions of 48” in height by 28” in width, adorned with a stunning pewter finish.

Gothic Mediterranean Column Sconce Verona

Verona Column Light Fixture

Gothic Mediterranean Column Light Fixture

The Verona Gothic Mediterranean-inspired light fixture embodies an exquisite blend of gothic aesthetics and Mediterranean charm, meticulously hand-forged from durable wrought iron. Available in three distinct sizes, this fixture offers versatility in various mounting configurations, including wall mount, flush mount, and pendant options.The Verona column fixture features sleek clear glass and a single medium base or GU-24 socket, catering to States adhering to Title 24 build codes. For regions without such regulations, customization is key—upgrade possibilities include multiple candelabra sockets compatible with energy-efficient LED light bulbs, ensuring adaptable use across different locales.The small-sized Verona column mount boasts a stunning satin black finish complemented by clear glass, exuding elegance and sophistication. Embrace your architectural vision by exploring an array of architectural glass options, allowing you to tailor this lighting masterpiece to harmonize seamlessly with your distinctive architectural style.