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How to Install Outdoor Wall Lighting

An outdoor wall light is an extensive function in any home, permitting visibility outside. It is also used for entertainment activities at night time while additionally enhancing your home’s safety.

Carefully decided on and nicely-established exterior lights can do a lot to create an exceptional look for your home. A suitable element is putting light in an outdoor wall with mild furnishings. It is something you can do with some simple gear. Here are the stairs to guide how to install outdoor wall lighting.

Prepare the Location

Use a marker to mark the spot at the wall where the wall light fixture could be set up. For the wiring, it will be high-quality. You must have a certified electrician to do the installation to make sure that the work is completed appropriately and adequately.

Retrieve the Circuit Wires

Switch off the power supply at the circuit breaker for protection. Attain in the electric wall box. Search for the circuit wires, which you may find in a cluster such as black, white, and copper wires. Separate these wires then take away a number of the plastic insulation from the black and white wires using wire strippers. Take off approximately half an inch of the insulation.

Connect the Wires

Hold the new light fixture near the electric connection. Connect the wires accordingly, white with white, then black with black. Next, connect the green twin from the wall light fixture with the copper cord from the wall box. Twist each end of every pair of wires collectively, using cord connectors to cover the relationship point for each pair.

Mount the Wall Light Fixture

Fasten a water-proof gasket on the brand-new light fixture. Put the linked wires lower back into the wall electrical box. If the fixture has a mounting plate, connect this to the wall field using screws.

Get the new mild fixture. Hold its base in opposition to the wall matching the screw holes in the fixture with those in the mounting plate or at the wall. With a screwdriver, fasten the screws firmly through the holes.

Install the Gasket

It is pleasant to apply a weatherproof gasket to your outdoor wall lights to defend the lighting fixtures from the dust elements and to increase the durability of the lighting fixtures. Mount the gasket and fit inside the light bulb.

There is a huge variety of mild bulbs available within the market to satisfy your desires. Choose a lamp so that it will help enhance the functionality of your outdoor lighting. High-depth discharge bulbs are broadly used for outdoor lights.

When putting the mild bulb, use a couple of gloves or soft material. There area lot of lamps designed for external use, which are quite sensitive.

Types of Cable We Should Use for Outdoor Lighting

Once outside, you ought to deliver your lighting via 1.5mm² three core metal-twine-armored cable (SWA). Make sure that your lights are simple in shape. You can also choose weatherproof lighting, which might be appropriate for outside use.

How Much High Should Outdoor Wall Light be Mounted?

Lighting professionals typically suggestpositioning the lighting fixture just above eye level. The height is usually among sixty-five and sixty-seven inches above the ground or porch floor.

Changing an Outside Light Fixture

There are many ways to replace the outside light fixture. A few steps are as follows

  • Remove Existing Light. Before you start any task handling electricity, you MUST disconnect the power from the circuit breaker panel or fuse box.
  • You also need to change the mounting bracket because a new light comes with a pack.
  • Then you need to wire the outdoor light
  • After that install the new fixture

The best Color Temperature for Outdoor Lighting

Instead, using a lighting fixture with a hot shade temperature: 2700K LED is ideal, and 3000K is okay, too. The 2700K temperature offers a very soothing and herbal tone that mimics the nice and cozy, comforting glow of a campfire. Moreover, it is right to create enjoyable, comfortable outdoor environments.

Required Tools

  • 4 in 1 screwdriver
  • Adjustable wrench
  • Circular saw
  • Jigsaw
  • Non-contact voltage tester
  • Posthole digger
  • Sled hammer
  • Spade
  • Wire stripper


Outdoor lighting so important. If you are building a new home, you must be thinking of installing outdoor light. Outdoor light increases the beauty of your house. It also brightens up the yard playground, which is very good for kids.

Though there are many options while choosing outdoor light, you must select the best options for you. Again, choose the best quality lights because itwill last longer. You can also follow the instructions mentioned above.

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