Wood Chandelier

How to Install Wood Chandelier on High Ceiling?

Everyone has the wish to decorate his/her room with different lighting. It’s a good idea hanging a chandelier for changing the natural look of the room. Because the everyday look of your room make you feel energetic or boring. The room’s natural look also has a substantial effect on your mood. The room’s environment presents your personality too. So while decorating the room, you need to be cautious about the right choice. Setting good lighting is tricky and makes the room comfortable for looking.

For lighting decoration, chandelier choice is important here. Before purchasing a chandelier, you should search over both in the online sites and the markets. The right choice according to your room decoration, is necessary. If most of the furniture in your room is wooden, you can choose a wood chandelier. For installing a wood chandelier on the high ceiling of the room, you must know the right ways.

In this article, we have given some special tips on how to install wood Chandelier on the high ceiling of your room.

Reasons for Installation a Chandelier

When you want to change your room ambiance, it’s an effective way to install a beautiful chandelier in your room. It makes the room’s environment eye-soothing and attractive. By searching in online and physical shop stores, you will found chandelier as your choice.

Chandelier’s must be an artistic choice to give a different look to the room. It is a wise decision to install wood chandelier on a high ceiling when a room is mostly decorated with wooden furniture.

The wood chandelier can be the best choice for your room. It will represent the room simply and artistically. However, there have different chandelier sizes in the market. You should select the right size chandelier according to your room size.

Over big chandelier for your small room looks awkward. So, you should get a budget-friendly chandelier from the market. For ensuring the right choice of a wood chandelier, you must gather enough knowledge before going to purchase. Among all of these, before installing a wood chandelier, you must also know and follow some directions to hang it properly.

Know-How to Install Chandelier on High Ceiling

It is crucial to maintain the steps during the installation of a wood chandelier. We strongly encourage you to hire an electrician for the installation of wood chandelier.

  • You need to focus on the electricity; is it turned off or on
  • Check the main electrical box of the house to off the power connectivity
  • Then, unscrew the old fixture’s Canopy and lower it down
  • Remove the old fixture’s connection from the electrical line of ceiling
  • Unscrew the electrical box from the metal hanger bar
  • In the case of a metal box, need to loosen the screw at where the cable is connected
  • But if it’s a plastic box, needs a slotted screwdriver to make the cable-free
  • Pick out the fan brace from the box and loosen the hexagonal bar
  • Now fixed it on high ceiling carefully
  • Check the attachment of hexagonal brace into the joists
  • You need to tighten the fan brace by any adjuster
  • Then connect the cable of fan brace with the cable connector in the metal box of fan
  • Connect all the necessary wires of the chandelier carefully
  • Set up the canopy so the wires can’t be seen on the outside
  • Finally, turn on the main electric line and do the switch-on the chandelier line

Before starting the installation of wood chandelier, it’s necessary to check the main electricity line. Any accident can occur for your unconsciousness. To work safely, you should check the cable of the electric box on the ceiling by electric tester.

You can use the ladder to do this work. But you should not carry the chandelier on your single hand. You need to take the help of another.

Final Words

We list the steps on what it takes to install a chandelier, and we strongly encourage you to hire a licensed electrician to get the work done since they are familiar with the local build codes and the safety that is required to install a chandelier.
To give an aesthetic look to your room, installing a wood chandelier on a high ceiling is the right decision for decoration. And it’s not a hard task installing a chandelier. But you should be careful about working. There have some risks of occurring in an accident. That’s why you should follow the steps one by one and must know how to install wood chandelier on a high ceiling.