Why You Need Glass Light Shades?

Why You Need Glass Light Shades?

The primary purpose of the glass light shades is to protect the eye from the glare of the bulbs and to give the light direction from the lamp into the room.

Moreover, they have a softer reflection of light from the ceiling, and the widespread light in the shade. There are so many things can be described about it. Let’s have a look at why you need glass light shades for your room or your desired space.

Importance of glass light shades and why you need glass light shades

The choice of lampshades in your home is significant, which gives the right mood and brightness for the room.

There is a wide range of designs to suit all requirements. It can also be tailored to suit your needs precisely. First and foremost, you should feel comfortable and can afford everything you choose.

As an Interior of Your Room

We often work at home and stay at home most of our time. It may be either in the bedroom or living room.

Anywhere at home, you want the best comfort for your self. You can even change the interior by a designer, but changing the interior may take much time. Therefore the natural solution for that is the glass light shades.

Without changing the interior, you can make your house even more attractive with the lighting. And to do that, you need to find the proper and exact glass light shades.

Glass shades protect the eyes from the direct light

Most homeowners tend to ignore the reality that a high-grade shade will make a room look beautiful. Nevertheless, you will inquire to ensure that the light you choose is the right one.

If you want to feel comfortable at home after a hard day at work, that can be achieved with a perfect shadow. Glass shades protect your eyes from the direct light from the bulbs.

Since direct light from the bulb is very harmful for the eyes. You should choose a cleaner gentle light.

Glass light shades increase the beauty of the room

When you are planning to move to another house or another apartment, you must be thinking of designing the place by yourself.

The first thing you can do is to change the glass light shades. Glass light shades can give a fantastic look to your place. It also ensures maximum comfort.

Moreover, it will also help to increase the beauty of the room. There are many colors available for glass light shades. You can purchase many types of color and design for your light bulbs. It is all up to you.

Who invented glass light shades?

Joseph Swan and Thomas Edison invented the incandescent filament electric light bulb separately in 1879 incorporating and expanding similar components from work by Humphry Davy, De Moleyn, and Göbel. Lampshades were used to mask the powerful electrical light.

What type of fabric for lampshades is used?

Natural fibers such as cotton and linen are the best products to produce your lampshades. Choose a fabric that can be ironed; if you adhere to styrene, it won’t look smooth.

Different types of glass light shade fitters

There are three types of glass light shade fitters. Such as:-

1. Spider Fitter shades

The most common type of fitter for table and floor lamp shades is the spider lamp shade. Spider fitters are placed at the top of the lamp harp. The lamp harp is a U shaped metal part of a lamp that fits around and protect the bulbs.

2. Clip-on Fitter shades

Clip-on lamp shades fitters are directly attached to the light bulbs without any additional material. Clip-on lamp fitters are available in two sizes. Which are:

a. Candelabra bulbs

These candelabra bulbs are commonly used on chandeliers. The maximum bulb wattage is 25 watts.

b. Regular size bulbs

These regular size bulbs are widely used on accent and table lamps. The maximum bulb wattage of regular size bulbs is 40 to 60 watts.

3. Uno fitter shades

The Uno fitter is directly placed on a special light bulb socket and is used mainly on European lamps. The threaded ring holding it through the light bulb secures it.

Popular glass light shades

There are a large number of designs for lampshades in glass. The hurricane glass shades and gas glass shades are the most common around today. The styles of hurricanes are recognized for their hourly glass profile.

It bumps into the tail and gradually becomes narrower as it goes up to the neck. The gas method is prevalent and has been used for many years. Both are very stylish and trendy around your home and will undoubtedly attract guests ‘ attention.

The rest of them are clip on lamp shades with a ton of colors today. These are very easy to install and alter a room’s appearance significantly. The last thing you want is to bring the shade together and suit it for a long time. Therefore, they’re suitable for everyone.


As you know, glass light shades are fundamental to give the eyes protection from the direct light from the bulbs. It is crucial not only to protect the eyes from the direct light from the lamps but also to increase the beauty of the room.

That is why you need glass light shades for giving a character to your office or living place. Hopefully, now you know why you need glass light shades.

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