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Iron Chandelier Asturias

Iron Chandelier Asturias

Spanish Colonial Asturias Chandelier

Asturias iron chandelier is hand-forged with wrought iron, this Spanish Colonial design will be a great illumination addition for your dining room or living room with 2-sizes to choose from, showcasing Asturias 52 inch diameter in Antique Bronze finish, custom sizes available for the Asturias chandelier.

Iron Chandelier Sevillano

Iron Chandelier Sevillano

Rustic Chandeliers Spanish Colonial

Sevillano iron chandelier is hand-forged with wrought iron this Spanish Colonial design will be a great decoration and illumination addition for your dining, living room, or a great room, with 2-sizes to choose from, custom sizes are available

Iron Light Sconces for Bathroom Rizzo

Iron Light sconces for bathroom

Bathroom light sconce Rizzo

Rizzo bathroom light sconces are available with 2 lights, to fit in the center and one light for the ends increases the amount of lighting need it in your bathroom, having individual mirrors.

Iron Wall Sconce

Spanish Home Style Hacienda Wall Sconces

Wall Sconce Hacienda Style Salamanca

Spanish home style indoor wall sconce Salamanca is hand-forged with wrought iron, using solid materials we are able the create this Spanish style wall sconce to adorn and illuminate any Spanish style hacienda home, creating a romantical look of interior space in your home, showcasing the hand-made Salamanca wall sconce with a satin black finish with 4-inch resin candle covers for a candelabra socket, and you will be able to fit led-light bulbs.

Iron Wall Sconce Hacienda Torremolinos

Indoor Wall Sconces Hacienda Style

Mexican Hacienda Wall Sconce

Torremolinos indoor wall sconces with the unique look and style of the authentic Hacienda style indoor lighting Let the Torremolinos decorated your indoor for your Hacienda style home, This hacienda indoor wall sconce comes with a single candelabra and is hand-forged using wrought iron with the repousee back plate, showcasing Torremolinos with an Antique Bronze finish

Iron Wall Sconce Lazio

Iron Wall Sconce Lazio

Mediterranean Style Iron Wall Sconce

Mediterranean iron wall sconce Lazio, this indoor wall sconce is a unique and elegant iron wall sconce, showcasing Lazio iron wall sconce with an antique copper finish and two candelabras with candle sleeve, this iron wall sconce is hand forged from wrought iron, and some of the shapes are hand-carved on the backplate by hand, as well as candle holders and the rest of the accents on this wall sconce are hand-made

Iron Wall Sconce Malaga

Hacienda Iron Wall Sconce

Spanish Hacienda Style Iron Wall Sconce Malaga

Malaga wall sconce is a hacienda-style indoor wall sconce is hand forged from wrought iron, showcasing Malaga with a satin black finish, this sconce comes with two candelabra sockets

Iron Wall Sconce Monterey

Iron Wall Sconce Monterey

Spanish Colonial Iron Wall Sconce Monterey

Monterey wall sconce is a Spanish colonial style indoor wall sconce, showcasing Monterey wall sconce in antique bronze with green patina finish, this iron wall sconce is hand forged from wrought iron, and comes with two candelabra sockets compatible with led light bulbs

Iron Wall Sconce Spanish Hacienda

Hacienda Wall Sconce Lights

Indoor Wall Sconce Catalan

Spanish hacienda lighting, Catalan interior wall sconce this sconce will enhance your interior decoration with the authentic Spanish hacienda lighting style we offer this sconce in a tall size with a bottom decorative bracket, large candle plates and 2" candle covers instead of the 1-1/4.

Iron Wall Sconce Valencia

Valencia Indoor Wall Sconce

Spanish revival indoor sconces

Wrought, iron indoor wall sconce Valencia, this a great Spanish revival design for any Spanish revival project, showcasing Valencia with an aged metal finish, comes with two candelabra sockets and two sizes.

Iron Wall Sconce Varcelli

Indoor Wall Sconces Mediterranea Style

Mediterranean Wall Sconce Varcelli

Showcasing 3-lights Varceli indoor wall sconce with a antique bronze finish is great Mediterranean design for an indoor decoration, the 3-candelabra sockets will defenatelly give you plenty illumination for your indoor

Iron Wall Sconce Vercelli

Mediterranean single light Varcelli

Varcelli wall sconce

The Vercelli Wrought Iron Wall Sconce collection comes single, two and three lights configuration with a unique style will give the appropriate light source for your interior decoration for your Mediterranean home style showing the old world charm of hand-forged decorative lighting, showcasing Varcelli with aged metal finish