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Toledo Iron Wall Sconce

Spanish Hacienda Indoor Lighting and Wall Sconces

Toledo Hacienda style indoor wall sconce

Toledo indoor wall sconce. This Hacienda style iron wall sconce light will give your interior decoration the authentic Hacienda style, casting the scrolling work into your wall, with a romantic shadow and unique look

Wall Sconce Candle Scudato

Wall scone candle scudato

indoor wall sconces

Wrought iron indoor wall sconce Scudato this a great accent lighting wall sconce for any wine or Champagne room, Scudato is showcasing with a hand-hammer metal finish, and rust copper finish and 2-candelabra sockets, Scudato is available in two sizes.

Wall Sconce Cartagena

Black wrought iron light fixtures

Indoor Wall Sconces

Enhance the ambiance of your wine cellar, Champagne room, or even your home theater with the captivating allure of the Cartagena wrought iron indoor wall sconce. Crafted meticulously with hand-hammered details and adorned with a charming lace-style design, this fixture exudes elegance. Uniquely fashioned with a satin black finish, the Cartagena boasts a textured metal surface that adds character to any space. It's clear amber mica shade emanates a warm, inviting glow, but if you desire a different hue, explore our diverse range of mica color shades in the finishing touches section. Equipped with a single base and two candelabra sockets, this sconce offers ample illumination. Should you require enhanced lighting, it accommodates additional output while ensuring compliance with title 22 build codes with its GU24 socket compatibility. Plus, its versatility extends to covered exterior areas, making it a suitable choice for outdoor use. Elevate your surroundings with the Cartagena wall sconce—a timeless blend of craftsmanship and functionality, perfect for accentuating your spaces with a touch of sophistication.

Wall Sconce Italian Scroll

Mediterranean Wall Sconce Italian Scroll

The Mediterranean Style Iron Wall Sconce

Mediterranean wall sconce Italian Scroll indoor wall sconce classic and elegant single light wall sconce design, showcasing Italian scroll with a single light in oil rubbed bronze finish and silver leaf rosette this iron wall sconce is hand forged from wrought iron with single candelabra socket

Wood Chandelier

Wood Chandelier Capri

Rustic Wooden Chandeliers

The Capri wood and iron chandelier is a masterful blend of artistry and functionality. Handcrafted with precision, the chandelier features deep hand-carved details made from the finest ash wood, creating a unique and exquisite Mediterranean design that is bound to elevate the decor of your space for its uniqueness.This remarkable chandelier serves a dual purpose, acting as both a stunning decoration and a source of warm and inviting illumination. It's the perfect addition to enhance the ambiance of entryways, great rooms, living rooms, and dining rooms.What sets the Capri chandelier apart is its versatility. It is available in three distinct sizes, allowing you to choose the one that perfectly complements your space. Furthermore, you have the option to customize the material configuration for the chandelier's arms. The scroll arms are hand-forged with care, measuring 1 inch for the large and medium sizes, and 3/4 inch for the smaller version.The candle plates and leaves on this chandelier are meticulously crafted using repousse or chasing techniques. This not only adds to the overall beauty of the chandelier but also provides it with a distinctive handcrafted, old-world look.In summary, the Capri wood and iron chandelier is a work of art that combines the charm of hand-carved wood with the durability of iron, resulting in a unique and timeless lighting fixture that will be the focal point of any room. Its various size options and material configurations make it a versatile choice for different interior design styles, and its exquisite craftsmanship ensures that it exudes a classic, old-world elegance.

Wood Wall Sconces Luminoso

Wood and Iron Wall Sconce

Mediterranean style hand-carved wood and Iron Wall Sconce

Luminoso mano scolpito indoor wall sconce with a classic and very elegant design, the Luminosos sconce will complement your Mediterranean style home or Italian Villa, Luminoso is available with two and three lights, with a faux wood stain finish, gold, or silver leaf finish, showcasing a 3-lights with a gold leaf finish and Venetian gold finish on the iron scrollwork, the two lights is showcasing with white oak natural finish with clear stain and satin black iron, and 6 inch candle sleeves The hand-carving on the Luminoso is deep and enhance the design on the main body of the wall, the sconce is hand-carved using several wood species and may vary depending the color finish

Wooden Chandeliers Andalusia

Wooden Chandeliers Andalusia

Rustic Wood and Iron Chandeliers

Wooden chandeliers. The Andalucia wood and iron chandeliers are deep hand-carved and available in several wood species depending on the wood finish required by the customer, some of the wood species are white oak wood, red oak, Cedar, and Sabino. This wood is harvested from old trees dry-cured and ready for the hand-carved process, the arms are 3/4 form with a tube to allow the wire to route inside the arm and the scrollwork is hand-forge with 3/4 wrought iron, candle plates are repousse with a unique shape, leaves are also repousse giving this wooden chandelier the unique look of arts and crafts lighting this unique wooden chandelier design is a great addition for any Spanish Mediterranean, Hacienda, Spanish style dining room, great room, and kitchen nook, the unique design of this wood and iron chandelier will add a great decoration style and a great source of illumination. All wood and iron chandeliers come with 3-L/F of a hand-made chain, hardware, and canopy. This wooden chandelier is also available with 10 lights using a solid wrought iron flat bar for the arms, the 10 lights will split into two tiers of 5 lights per tier, if you require the 10-light wood and iron chandelier please let us know by sending an email.

Wrought Iron Chandelier

Montpellier Rustic French Fleur de Lis Chandelier

Introducing the Montpellier wrought iron chandelier, a stunning lighting fixture that adds a touch of elegance to any interior space. This exquisite chandelier is available in both 2-tier and single-tier configurations, providing a versatile solution for various room sizes and designs. Whether you have a grand entrance with high ceilings or a lavish living room, the Montpellier chandelier is meticulously designed to meet your specific lighting needs.

In the spotlight is our two-tier Montpellier chandelier, boasting 12 lights that illuminate even the tallest ceilings and expansive areas. The captivating image showcases its grandeur, with dimensions of 38 inches on the bottom tier and 24 inches on the upper tier. The chandelier is adorned with charming fleur de lis embellishments, adding a sophisticated touch to its overall design. As part of our commitment to customization, we offer alternatives such as glass teardrops or a sleek, unadorned style to suit your preferences.

What sets our Montpellier chandelier apart is its impeccable Aged Metal Finish, providing a rustic appeal that enhances its aesthetic charm. To ensure a perfect fit for your interior space and decor, we offer flexibility in both sizing and finishes, delivering a truly personalized lighting solution. Elevate your space with the timeless beauty and customizable features of the Montpellier wrought iron chandelier.

Wrought iron Chandeliers Versailles

Wrought Iron Chandeliers

Chandeliers Iron Versailles

The Versailles wrought iron chandelier is a living testament to the mastery of skilled artisans. Each arm of this exceptional piece is hand-forged and crafted with meticulous precision, using 5/8-inch wrought iron. From the graceful chain to the tiniest embellishments, an unwavering commitment to detail is evident. However, what truly distinguishes this chandelier is its distinctive and unparalleled design, a shining symbol of the artistry invested in its design and making.This chandelier has been fashioned with an unwavering dedication to both aesthetics and craftsmanship, resulting in a masterpiece that harks back to a time long past. It proudly accommodates 12 candelabra sockets designed to harmonize with modern energy-efficient LED light bulbs, uniting the enduring elegance of the past with the efficiency of today. In addition, the package includes 3 feet of handcrafted chain, a meticulously hand-made canopy, mounting hardware, and U.L. All of these elements contribute to the overall enchantment of this exceptional lighting fixture

Wrought Iron Chandeliers-Spanish Revival Malaga

Spanish Revival Wrought Iron Chandeliers

Rustic Spanish Style Chandelier

The 2-tier Malaga Spanish Revival wrought iron chandelier offers a range of size options on both tiers, perfectly tailored to enhance your interior Spanish revival design. Whether you have a generous entryway with lofty ceilings or an opulent living room, Malaga has been meticulously crafted to cater to your lighting requirements. Our product is available in a dual-tier configuration, boasting 12 lights, delivering maximum luminosity to your expansive spaces.The captivating image showcases a magnificent Malaga chandelier, adorned with 12 lights, measuring 38 inches on the lower tier and 22 inches on the upper tier. It's an exquisite touch of sophistication as the chandelier is adorned with delightful pom-pom ball embellishments on the base of the lower tier. Additionally, we offer a variety of alternatives, including glass teardrops or a sleek, unadorned design. The featured chandelier is impeccably finished with a unique, custom-aged gold paint coating. We offer the flexibility of custom sizing and finishes to ensure a seamless fit within your interior space and decoration, providing a truly personalized lighting solution. 

Wrought Iron Wall Sconce

Lombardy Mediterranean wall sconce

Wrought Iron Indoor Wall Sconce, handcrafted with wrought iron.


Wrought Iron Wall Sconces

Rustic Wrought Iron Wall Sconces

Zamora Single Light Wall Sconce

Zamora Spanish hacienda indoor wrought iron wall sconces, this single light wall sconce, will be the perfect accent and light source for your interior decoration for your hacienda, or Spanish revival style indoor light, showcasing Zamora with satin black color with hand-hammered finish metal given the unique destress appeal of a rustic wrought iron wall sconce