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Kitchen Chandeliers Andalucia

Kitchen chandeliers

Andalucia 20 lights kitchen chandelier

The Andalucia chandelier is showcasing in aged metal finish, this 20-lights chandelier is made to fit your large kitchen island, and comes with resing candle sleeves and candelabra sockets, compatible with led-lights bulbs light dimmer is recommended to set up the perfect light mode in your kitchen, the 38" height is to the chandelier structure top, and we supply 3-l/ft of hand-made chain and a custom canopy to hold the weight of this chandelier other color finishes are available in our finishes touches section for your review.

Kitchen Pendant Light Provence

Kitchen island lighting

Provence pendant light

Showcasing the Provence pendant light in satin black finish with mouth blown seedy glass, the small size comes with 2-candelabra sockets, medium and tall sizes comes with 3-candelabra sockets and compatible for led light bulb sockets, Provence pendant is a great kitchen pendant light addition for your over your kitchen island, this fixture is made with wrought iron and the upper scroll work is hand-forged with solid material, the mouth blown seedy glass is floating between the two rings given a very charm light reflection to the walls in your kitchen, or hallway.

Light Fixtures for Bathroom Palermo

Light Fixtures for Bathroom

Lights for Bathroom Palermo

Light fixtures for bathroom Palermo comes with 2, and 3 lights depending on the amount of lighting need it and the vanity size mirror, this wall sconce comes with an option of seedy glass shades or crackle glass shades, the sockets for this sconce are candelabra sockets and led light bulbs are compatible

Light Sconces for Bathroom Monterey

Bathroom Light Fixtures Monterey

2-Lights Monterey sconce

Monterey bathroom light sconce is available with 2 lights, and to increase the ambient light in your bathroom you can combine with the ceiling can flush lights increasing the amount of lighting need it for the bathroom, this wall sconce is available with candelabra sockets and compatible with led light bulbs for this sconce.

Lighting Kitchen Pendants Lugano

Lighting kitchen pendants

Lugano pendant lighting for your kitchen

Lugano with a Mediterranean design is the perfect lighting kitchen pendant and is available in three sizes, showcasing Lugano medium-size with an aged metal color finish, with seedy glass and 4-candelabra sockets, these candelabra sockets are compatible with led-light bulbs. Lugano comes with clear glass and the Small size has 3-candelabra sockets, the Medium and large size pendants are fitted with 4-candelabra sockets and clear glass, hand-repousse leaves, 3-l/ft of hand-made chain and canopy come with this pendant light fixture, Lugano unique design will be a great addition for your indoor decoration and illumination, more architectural glass is available for upgrade, is available in our finishing touches section.

Lighting Sconces for Bathroom

Light Sconces for Bathrooms

Roman Bathroom Lighting

Roman light sconce for bathroom wall sconce, this Roman indoor wall sconce is a unique and elegant iron wall sconce, showcasing Roman iron wall sconce with an antique bronze finish and single candelabra socket with a 6" height candle sleeve, this iron wall sconce is hand forged from wrought iron, and showcase a seedy glass shade.

Medieval Iron Wall Sconce

Indoor Wall Sconces Medieval Style

Wall Sconce Medieval designs

Medieval indoor wall sconce the Boulogne is a great source of light and the perfect decoration of a Medieval style wall sconce for your indoor decoration, showcasing Boulogne in a satin black finish

Mediterranean Rustic Chandelier Tuscany

Rustic Iron Chandelier Tuscany

Mediterranean Iron Chandelier

Mediterranean rustic chandelier Tuscany, with a unique design and heavily hand-forged using wrought iron, and repousse leaves and rosettes. This chandelier has a great and unique Mediterranean design that will be a fantastic addition to your main entry stairway or, your great room. Tuscany Mediterranean rustic chandelier is available in 2-sizes and 2-lighting options to choose from, showcasing Tuscany chandelier with the 54-inch diameter in age metal finish, with 12-crackle glass shades, custom sizes are available to fit your interior spaces.

Mediterranean Chandelier Lido 4-lights

Wrought Iron Chandeliers

Lido 4-lights chandeliers light fixtures for bathroom

Lido 4-lights small chandelier with the perfect size to fit light fixtures for bathroom and small rooms, hallways, powder rooms, as well a kitchen nook and the unique design with the authentic hand-forged wrought iron this Lido chandelier will give your interior decoration the perfect touch and the illumination need it, showcasing Lido medium size with 4-lights with  an aged metal finish. Lido chandelier is not your conventional pendant light deco, this is a more sophisticated and elegant chandelier for your interior decoration.

Mediterranean Iron Wall Sconce Arezzo

Wall Sconces Mediterranean

Mediterranean Iron Wall Sconce

Arezzo Mediterranean iron wall sconce, with a unique design, Arezzo comes with 3-lights and is fitted with candelabra sockets, the craftsmanship and detail work is very noticeble, showcasing Arezzo in a Antique Copper finish

Mediterranean Iron Wall Sconce Bari

Wrought Iron Indoor Wall Sconce

Mediterranean Wrought Iron Sconce Bari

Bari wrought iron wall sconce is hand-forged and has a hammer-finish to make this indoor wall sconce a unique look, showcasing Bari i Oil-rubbed bronze finish.

Mediterranean Iron Wall Sconce Venice

Mediterranean Iron Wall Sconce Venice

Mediterranean style Iron Wall Sconce indoor lighting

Mediterranean style indoor wall sconce Venice a unique wall sconce design, showcasing Venice single light wall sconce in aged metal finish, this iron wall sconce is hand forged from wrought iron with hand-repousse leaves single candelabra socket